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Wonderful Luxor  night  Trip From Hurghada

Relive the amazing ancient history of Egypt in a fabulous Luxor day trip from Hurghada by a private A/C car  or privet bus and  explore the monuments and mysteries of the ancient Egyptian Civilization in Luxor. Witness the marvelous Karnak temple, and Queen Hatshepsut temple then dazzle yourself with the two massive statues of Colossi of Memnon and the kings’ majestic mummies in Valley of the Kings than we will go to hotel for relaxing till the morning than we will go to fly by balloon tell we finish our time than  we will transfer you back to your hotel in Hurghada . or marsa allam

the program  first  day .

  • Information about how we to go with us

  • LUXOR is the ancient city of Thebes. Ancient history lives here on every corner and in the open air. The journey to Luxor will take about 3 hours, during the trip you can enjoy the wonderful views
    of the landscape in the desert and meet the sunrise.
  • Visit the monuments of Luxor on a day trip! Take the opportunity to visit the capital of the Pharaohs and appreciate its impressive architectural heritage: Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, Temple of Hatshepsut. Enjoy the flavors of Egyptian cuisine in one of Luxor’s restaurants overlooking the Nile River. During the walk, a trip to the banana island is possible.
  • Finally, returning to your hotel, you will contemplate the beauty of the desert,meet the sunset and
    well in all the splendor of Egypt. And many years later, you will remember a trip to Luxor with its views, a lot of impressions, emotions and many photos and souvenirs. For more information, contact tel . WhatsApp, Viber, telegram.  I highly recommend this excursion! The opportunity to touch the thousand-year history is unforgettable). Now, when it is hot enough, we remind you that you need to take with you on a trip: comfortable shoes and clothes, a hat, sunscreen, sufficient drinking water. Take care of your sel
  • .Explain karnak temple .
  • .Explain Hatshepsut temple.
  • .Explain valley of the king toms
  • .Explain Colossi of Memnon Temple.

 the second day .

. start at 5:00 AM from hotel in Luxor to balloon  airport than we start fly to see one of the beautiful view in your life after we finish we drive back to hotel to get our breakfast and after we continue our program to Dandera temple .

The temple complex displays a scene of the long history of Egypt. This fantastic complex reveals a lot about this history. When studying the history of this complex, we can find the ancient Egyptians developed it throughout different eras. Indeed, the first building dates back to the Ancient Egyptian period; though, the Greek and Roman rulers developed the site. There is evidence of temples and other structures that date back to 2500 BCE—Pharaoh Pepi I (Ca.2250 BC). Also, there is evidence that a temple existed from the Eighteenth Dynasty (ca 1500 BC). However, the earliest extant building in this compound dates back to native pharaohs – the Mammisi, which Nectanebo II (360–343 BC) raised.

Ptolemy XII built the main temple, and nearly Queen Cleopatra VII could complete it around 54 to 20 BCE. Later, the appearance of Christianity in Egypt has its influence on the Temples of Dendera. Undoubtedly, Christianity banned building such temples. Then, Christians started to use the ancient temples as churches. No wonder there also exists a Coptic church on the premises near the Temple of Birth at one point.


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  • lunch . Dinner. ticket. privet . guide . hotel

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Created with Sketch. Hurghada, Egypt


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August 18, 2021


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